Document Design and Production

Tandesa can assist Human Resource consulting firms as well as document Print Service vendors in creating world-class designs for PDF and print formats for your customer's documentation. We leveraged our experience in using our strategic vendor software products to build a state-of-the-art production facility.

In the past two years, Tandesa has created 100s of campaigns for corporations ranging from 2000 to 250,000 employees and retirees. Our production facility has generated well over 115 million pages of print and PDF statements, printed and delivered to customers… always on-time and within budget.

Normally we are working against a company's specifications for their documents, assisting in both the business logic for implementation as well as consulting on visual aspects that can convey the appropriate messages.

We have applications in-house that can take data in various forms including database, CSV, TXT and other formats to convert into manageable, universal and industry standard XML for document production.

We have developed software to leverage the vast array of charting available through Anychart and the pixel perfect designer from RenderX VisualXSL to be able to create the industry's most compelling document campaigns.

Your specifications can include complex business logic, variable images and messages, personalized charts of any type in 2D and 3D, barcodes, any color model including RGB, CMYK, Pantone and Spot colors. Our team will deliver on those requirements.

For production, we use RenderX VDPMill to deliver both print files for final production, including all needs for color and various bookfolding as well as internal PDFs for distribution internally.

Because we use the industry's best tools, we can even deliver such applications as interactive forms for campaigns, interactive PDFs for a richer experience, as well as all expected print output from high quality PDF, Postscript and even other formats such as AFP, PPML, and XPS.

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