Professional Services

Tandesa's experienced programming team can develop custom applications leveraging our strategic software distribution partners to meet your requirements. We have experience leveraging RenderX, iText, iTextSharp and AnyChart software in a wide variety of market applications.

Section 508 Compliance

Tandesa can provide software through our Platinum reseller arrangements combined with professional services to help you through the process of creating Section 508 compliant PDFs. Our team has provided expertise to some of the largest projects dealing with Section 508 compliance of published documents including those from:

For our solutions, especially when dynamic formatting of custom content is required, we leverage RenderX's software and assist organizations in the design of solutions to deliver Section 508 compliant tagged PDF from their processes. We not only understand the software products in this space, we understand the requirements and can help you through the process.

We even have written a white paper on using RenderX software to create Section 508 PDF. The white paper itself is a guide for implementation and also a complete example of Section 508 compliant PDF. It was produced by us with RenderX software for RenderX. If you are interested in only the PDF of the white paper, you can download it here . If you are a developer interested in the source information showing how exactly you can create such documents, you can request a download of the complete package including the source documents and other information Contact Us.

Whether you are just looking for software or are also interested in consulting and services to help plan and design your Section 508 documents, contact us and we can assist you Contact Us.

Custom XSL Development

Tandesa's Professional Services team has implemented a wide variety of custom-developed XSLs for a wide variety of both XSL FO for print as well as HTML for view. Our customers and variety of documents include:

We strive to use the tools of our Platinum partners and create XSLs with full documentation so that we can hand over the projects to our customers for their own internal on-going support.

Professional Training

Tandesa's Professional Training staff conducts targeted training for our Platinum-level Reseller's on their products. We have customizable courses for:

In most instances, we gather information from our customers and provide an in-depth, targeted training course using their own documents. Contact us for more information on our training programs Contact Us.

Custom Software Development and Installation Assistance

Tandesa has developed many applications with and integrated to our Platinum partner products. You can find some of these on our Downloads page. Because of the years of experience we have running a service bureau using these products, we can leverage our own internal past development to bring your applications to production-level faster than any other team.

We have custom interfaces to RenderX, including the RenderX CloudFormatter application. We have developed a full production system taking data from a database, CSV or fixed file format all the way through document production. This includes integration points throughout the process to perform special handling of documents including OMR marking, bookfolding and other custom post-processing of RenderX output files.

We've built solutions using iTextSharp for splitting, merging, stamping, signing and analyzing PDF files.

We've integrated both AnyChart and AnyStock into many custom applications ranging from sales force analysis solutions to product shipping mapping to custom stock information presentation. We've also implemented dynamic chart generation using AnyChart for our document production environment, automating the creation of batch charts in SVG format for use in RenderX document production.

Our development team is experienced in .NET development as well as using various JavaScript libraries like jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

Contact us if you are interested in our services programs Contact Us.